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At VEINBRITE, a subsidiary of A and A Products, we are passionate about revolutionizing vein locating for medical professionals. Founded in 2022 by Abigail Hollar (RN, BSN) and Amber Cheek (LME), our mission is to provide a portable and convenient vein finder that enhances patient service and improves healthcare efficiency.

Traditional vein finders owned by hospitals are large, cumbersome, and easily misplaced. Understanding the challenges faced by healthcare professionals, we developed VEINBRITE to be a compact, lightweight, and easy-to-use pen-light vein finder. With a simple press of a button, VEINBRITE reveals veins with 100 lm of 700 nm red LED, catering to all skin types and pigments.

Our goal is to empower healthcare professionals with a reliable tool that streamlines vein locating during procedures. We believe that by offering a portable solution, we can enhance patient care and outcomes. Join us in revolutionizing the way veins are found with VEINBRITE, and make a positive impact on healthcare efficiency.

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